Portfolio completed for Second Year

Hello everyone,

Its been a long couple of weeks and it has been worth it. I never thought I would see myself pushing as hard as I did to finish this semester off. I know I like to work hard, but this was more than that. It was wrapping up all the feelings I went through over the last two years.

Today I have my final school portfolio interview. I have soo many mixed feelings going through me but at the end of the day I feel excited for the future. I am happy with my decision to go back to school and follow my true passion that has been waiting for me.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time in modeling or answering my questions. Thanks to Jodi Pudge(, Angus Fergusson (, and Andrew Balfour ( I have grown more from you guys and have see what the future could hold for myself.

Please stay tuned for photos and future projects 🙂

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