how I feel about finishing

Hello everyone,

I have to say that when I walked around the exhibition this past Monday; I really didn’t feel this was it. You know when you get that feeling things are coming to an end? Yeah, that one. I didn’t feel it.

Overall seeing the hard work of all the first and second years was great. I still can’t believe the people that helped me get to the end. OR better said the beginning. Their encouragement pushed me to fight all the bumps in the road I had to drive over in order to finish school. They helped me keep my head up. I will never forget everyone that contributed to that. Thank you.

I did not receive any awards but I did receive the wonderful feeling of being Runner Up to “Best In Show”. That made me happy to be that close. That someone acknowledge the work I had done.

On Tuesday, I went back to walk around and be there if anyone wanted to chat. I did talk to a couple of people mainly about what the program had to offer etc. This is where it started to sink in. 2pm rolls around and I am realizing as we are wrapping up frames and taking our portfolios away that this was it. This was the end of a great, two, hard, school years. I wouldn’t change anything in world the this feeling. I said “see you later” to most of the people around because I really do believe I am going to meet them again soon.

Now, It is time to get my plans together. I do plan on moving to Toronto before the end of summer. This will bring me closer to the people I need to network with and want to work with.

I hope have more exciting news to shortly 🙂

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