Flash Forward Festival

I had a the chance to be involved in the Flash Forward Festival. I posted a blog about this a short time ago.

If anyone is interested in further information please check out : The Magenta Foundation.
I had a chance to meet Curators: Darren and Debra Ching and Photographer: Tom Hull. It was great to talk to everyone that came out.

This festival is hoping to be able to present every 2 years here in Toronto. I think this is fantastic and I hope I have the chance to help out again.

One thing I have learned from volunteering: I need to learn how to network more! Not a bad thing but definitely room for improvement here.

I snapped a few images on my phone, check them out and the photographers:

This is only part of the photograph. go to Justine Reyes to view more.

Gallery: Group Show

Check out Geoffrey Pugen

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