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Last year I received a message through Facebook from a mother who was approaching a difficult time in her life.  She was no longer having kids and was at the end of breastfeeding her youngest daughter. That wasn’t just it…she began to explain to me that she wanted to capture this time in her life, as she was going to be having a double mastectomy in the spring. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. As breast cancer runs in my family and it hit close to me. Of course, I said yes! We connected and planned our session. When I arrived at her house I knew this was going to be something special for her and her family. During the session she explained to me the reason why she was going through with the surgery.

Her words: ” I have inherited the BRCA1 mutation (more commonly known as the Breast Cancer Gene) from my mother who lost her mom and her sister to breast cancer and fought her own battle against cancer when I was 15, and won, over 20 years in remission! The gene gives me a 90% chance of getting breast cancer, 56% chance of ovarian cancer, and a 12% chance of getting a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer. Added to this I also have endometriosis that has at times been so severe it was debilitating, and hopefully the hysterectomy should help this.”

Afterwards, I wanted to share her story but respectful she asked me not to, it was just to personal. I fully understood and respected her wishes. Months later I received a message from her saying she was ready to share the images. She was in a good place and we both agreed it would bring more awareness to other women out there.

“My mastectomy and hysterectomy were preventative. My mom had breast cancer and my aunt, grandmother and great grandmother all died from breast cancer. I chose not to have the reconstruction because more than half of reconstruction surgeries result in complications. And I’m doing great now. No regrets!” – client

For all women, don’t forget how important it is to be aware of your own breast health.

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