Casey’s Maternity Beach Session – London, Ontario Photographer, Port Stanley

Sometimes booking a beach session can be tricky. I mean who doesn’t love being down by the water but when you think of trying to find the best time of day for parents (especially when other children are involved), the right time for lighting and not many people around. Let’s say it’s not easy but it’s worth it!

Casey has been one of my clients for a few years now. I love photographing her family and when I found out she was expecting for the second time, I wanted to capture this time for their family. Looking back at these images, you wouldn’t know how many people were actually around us. There were people walking up and down the beach, people bringing water toys in and out of the water, some people even would see I was taking a photo and still be right behind my clients. The sun wasn’t exactly where I would want it to be but it was a  summer afternoon and to get that perfect lighting you need to be down at the beach at sunrise or 1 hr before sunset. In Canada during summer, sunset is closer to 9 pm and with a toddler starting a photoshoot around 7:30 pm isn’t realistic. I’m happy with how the images turned out and they have memories of this special time.

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