Elevate Physio Branding Session – London Ontario Branding Photographer

Today more businesses are needing an online presence. For new clients to find you it’s a lot easier once you get your company online. Word of mouth is the best in my opinion, but I’m not going to say it’ll be the only thing we can rely on. Even once you get your business online, then you’ll need to master the website and whichever social media platforms you’ve decided on, only to have something change. I mean that’s if you’re trying to do it all yourself and not hire an expert to help you. It’s hard to keep up with algorithms, but it’s best to make sure you have something in place when people are looking for your service.

I first met Andrea from Elevate Physio when I was approx. 1 month post back surgery in 2017. My regular physiotherapist was on maternity leave and she recommended me to Andrea. She was so nice, informative and helped me get to a much better place overall. I’m truly grateful for having her guide me through my recovery. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and the physio clinic was moving (within the same building) and needed some new photos. I got to met the rest of the team and we worked with some of clients to show how their services can help others. Dave and Andrea are the owners and they welcomed Denise to their team to help expand their offerings. They are located in Wortley Village, here in London, ON. Head over to their website to check out how they can help you: CLICK HERE.

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