Martina’s In-Home Branding Session – London Ontario Branding Photographer

When I started to drive into branding session after I finished taking an online course I was feeling such a boost of energy. Here I was full of new material about how to approach this new style of photography which I loved, but now I had more work to do. Finding something you love doing is part of a multi step program. Find what you love, test it out (if haven’t already), start telling people about it, start advertising to get clients, etc. At the beginning it was exciting to tell people about this new service I was offering, but I knew I had to dip down deep to determine who my ideal client/s would be. Since then I’ve narrowed this down but I still have work to do to pinpoint my true idea client. I knew that health was important to me and I connected to a lot of my clients who  offered health services, I also knew there was a strong connection with mom-preneurs and those who valued some sort of work / life balance.

Martina is someone who I have met over the years, our path seemed to keep crossing and I knew she was one of my favourite yoga instructors here in London. So what does one do when they are looking to build more of their new service, well I asked her to get in front of my camera and let me capture some images. I wanted to walk through what a day in her life might be like. She works out of her home but also travels to clients so we decided to do what we could from her home. Thank you Martina for working with me on this!

Martina has more to her business outside of yoga. She also offers wellness and lifestyle coaching. I highly recommend you check her out, CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE  on INSTAGRAM

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