Branding Mini Day – London Ontario Branding Photographer

Last year I wanted to offer a branding mini photoshoot day. It was my first attempt at trying to put together offering makeup on site and a short photoshoot to help businesses capture some photos for their websites / social media. First off, trying to find the right space is tricky when I’m usually looking for locations that are specific to one client. The location I decided on was called The Nook, it’s located in St. Thomas, Ontario.
The makeup artist for the day was Laura Ferrari who also wanted photos done so we captured her images last. Her images are in the middle of this post.

First we photographed Ashley from Citrine  Skin and Soul. This was my first time meeting Ashley and she was lovely to work with. Also, featured in this post is an fellow photographer, Sandra. She is the owner and main photographer of Life is Beautiful Photography here in London, ON. I’ve worked with Sandra over the years and I am always happy to have her step in front of my camera.

This experience was a great start to what I hope to offer again in the future. I learned pros and cons on this day but overall I would definitely do it again!

Thank you to everyone who came out to have their mini session that day.

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